Hi, I'm Mark.

A few years ago a friend asked me to photograph his wedding. I was more than a little hesitant because, while photography was a hobby of mine (some would say 'an obsession') , I'd never thought about doing it professionally.

Nevertheless, after much deliberation and a reluctant "yes" , I was determined to do it in a way that exemplified everything I love about photography  - and, just as importantly, to avoid all the things I don't like! The idea of being a 'traditional' wedding photographer made me squirm. Bossing people around, getting in the way and being the object of disdain wasn't my idea of fun.

Anyway, my friend and his new partner were chuffed with my depiction of their special day, and so, that's where it all started......

Mark Grant photography is all about stories. The stories between people, places and details of the day. I shoot in a creative, documentary style creating a narrative from the events that unfold around me. And of course, a wedding is the perfect place to tell a story. It allows me document the relationship between friends, families and a couple setting out on the next stage of their lives together. it's a real privilege for me to be asked to tell those stories through a series of photographs : every wedding is unique and my aim is to always create a story that's meaningful to the families concerned.

While this began at a friend's wedding - and that's led to many others since then - weddings are by no means my only focus. I hope you'll see from my portfolio that my story telling covers a wide range of subjects and genres, and I hope that you'll find enough inspiration there to contact me.  

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